Interactive application streaming platform
Removing hardware borders
We are developing cutting-egde technological platform that enables ultra low-latency interactive communication and smooth performance of any software, game or application on connected device via cloud computing

How LOUDPLAY works
Start you powerful cloud computer
Characteristics of virtual computer allow you to launch any resource-demanding software. Could be accessed from any connected device.
Launch any software or game on it
Software is fully rendered in cloud. You will be streamed interactive realtime video.
Experience and enjoy your favourite app
You will not feel that you work on remote computer - so quick is the response on your control actions.
Key features
Efficient work with any game or app without adaptation
Support of server- and desktop- hardware depending on user needs and required SLA
Modular and open
Unlimited scaling and APIs. Distributed as PaaS solution or license
Best available service quality based on real-time and forecasted connectivity parameters
Extremely fast
Ultra low latency with full roundtrip <50ms, including user devices, connectivity and server performance
Mobile and AR/VR ready
Proven support of mobile, AR and VR content
Selected cases
Cloud gaming service
Launched in 2016 and is fully based on LOUDPLAY platform. Service is affordable to anyone in the world (starting as low as 0.2$ per hour). Serving clients from more than 950 different locations.
Booster for resource-consuming proprietary enterprise software
We helped several enterprise clients to boost the performance of their proprietary software with zero infrastructure investment.
Professional graphics VDI
LOUDPLAY empowered professional graphics-ready virtual desktops for a number of small businesses and enterprises.
Our partners
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